Mid Life Crisis Edition

The Challenge - £000's for charity


Hi, thanks for visiting.  Welcome to my website.  Its primary role was to help relieve you of sponsorship money. 

I'm delighted to say that the trip is complete.  I'm back, relatively safely, two broken ribs 150K into the trip and two buddies who did not believe me and kept 'testing' my pain theshold meant it was more challenging than I expected. 

Nothing prepares you for the driving in India, on a motorbike you are the end of the food chain, so knocked off once, charged at by cows on the motorways, mad mopeds, truck queues 10K long on both sides and blinding dust, rocky and unforgiving trails, sweeping roads through the tea plantations lulling you into a false sense of security before hitting hairpins, (27 in a row in one place) all contribute into an 'intersting' experience.  Did I mention the driving in the middle of the road, or the discretionery use of lights at night......

So we raised around £160K for the charities mentioned, thank you one and all.  We had some good times, some luxury accomodation, some accomodation that was just a beach.  I've shared with people who became friends, and shared with people whose snoring drowned out a buzz saw.  All in all though the people, especially the children of Southern India made for a spell binding time and the occasional teary goggle as yet another child smiled and waved at us on our travels.

Finally thanks to two good guardian angels and now mates, Les (the scouse) McCLennland (known as 'The Restrainer') and Richie Vincent (Ricardo for reasons onlyknown to himself (he's from Skegness for heavens sake) who kept me from the Indian crowds, were there for my Crash, and with whom the best parts of the trips were shared.  Ask about the forest dweller attack, the 'off' that never was, the parallel gully motorbiking and many other things funny then and a memory now.  Talking of which check out the photos, many lovely memories, avoid the bikey blokes one unless you are into bikes....the other one is more interesting.

Finally well done to Enduro India the team, without whose help, chiding, sense of humour and bloody awful directions we would not have had such an adventure!

Paul Gardner

Southern India | 100+ riders | 2000 kilometres | 10 days | 90F

A sponsored ride atop 50 years ago designed Enfield Bullet motorbikes takes us through some of the most challenging and dramatic scenery South India has to offer. The ride tests our confidence, spirit and determination and at times will be both physically and mentally draining.

But we don’t want to dwell on that, or the shared facilities, hard beds, getting up early to avoid the latrine rush (in both senses of the word) and having to carry most of what we need on our backs.  With great respect to Ewan, this is doing it without the camera crew, support trucks and his flipping whinging mate.

Why do it? Well the opportunity to raise a minimum £150,000 for a number of great causes, listed on the charities page, plus see India the adventurous way was too good to miss.  Plus it’s a landmark birthday this year and the start of my mid life crisis which as you know has provoked more and more extreme things to do for me as it gets nearer.

And BEFORE you think that you’re just paying for my holidays -you're not! The bike training, the bike, the insurance, petrol, water, the flights, the travel, the hanging around in the Visa Office and applications, the protective gear and daft helmet and the bloody painful shots are all taken care of by me.  This means that all you donate goes to where it is intended.  I've already paid over £3000 myself just to get to the starting line.

So even in this time of austerity please be as generous as you can and dig deep in helping me get to my target money raise.  I’ll be doing a blog apparently, whatever that is and submitting photos (via a satellite phone I presume, so I won’t be then as it weighs too much) but I won’t be doing Twitter.

Thanks for reading this far, explore the site more or cut to the chase and donate.  If you feel you can’t then that’s fine too, I’ll just come over and rev up the motorbike outside your house or pass on whatever fine exotic disease I’ve picked up to you and your loved ones.   Thank you